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DreamPlaces provide you with a platform to express yourself, exchange, chat, and enter into the Mydream Smile the world dynamic to move forward and smile the world.




This where the current dreams are posted, along with dreams come true and the top 10 DreamAngels.  Post your dreams here for the community to read and enable you to live them.



Post dream topics here that excite and give hope or just post your thoughts on how to bring joy and harmony to the world.




Create and join newsgroups on topics that interest you, whether related to news, innovation, big trends, or just your dreams and passions.



Have you had a dream come true or have you made a dream come true ? Share your ActiveDreamer experiences and your DreamAngel motivations on DreamStory.




Join quick, fun and inspiring discussions to share your vision, hopes and desires in one click

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This inverted DreamWall dreams allows you to propose your services or your talents to realize dreams and centralizes a 100% free offer to make you enjoy gifts or invitations that make you dream.

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Indulge yourself with DreamDeals, your favorite brand's special offers at highly competitive prices.



Stay connected to your network of friends by posting your photos and memories to relive your best moments.




Restaurant, hotel, movie, music, book, outing, museum, country, leisure: share everything you have recently done and that you particularly liked.

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They dreamed, they dared, they succeeded. They have an astonishing, atypical career or they are simply admirably passionate. Discover their journey and talk directly with them.

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