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Mydream Smile the world seeks to develop a dynamic fuelled by bringing together ActiveDreamers, who post their dreams, and DreamAngels, who make them come true.  But beyond that, we invite you to share in a unique, fun-filled and inspiring adventure by creating a community, communicating and staying in touch. This means sharing dream ideas, telling others about your experiences, taking part in free events and benefitting from special offers.


Staying connected

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To benefit from all the advantages Mydream Smile the world has to offer, all you have to do is open an account. It's free and only takes 1 minute.

Open an account and access DreamBoard

DreamBoard is everything the name implies: your private page to keep you up to date and stay in touch, receive personal news, and manage your actions and public page.

Create your own community of DreamFriends

Your private page allows you to create your own community of DreamFriends and stay in touch them to chat, exchange, react, comment, help them make their dreams come true, and be a part of our overarching ambition to smile the world.

Create and keep up to date with news through (DreamNews)

Dreams are living, dynamic things.  All over the world fun and moving ideas, projects, and initiatives are springing up, providing new and original solutions or simply causing us to reflect or feel good.  In a click DreamNews lets you read, share and comment on what's happening, vous avez tout simplement envie de partager et commenter.

Discover amazing personalities on DreamPeople

Mydream Smile the world will allow you to discover amazing personalities who will tell you about their atypical journey, their dreams and their actions for a more sustainable or more solidary world. And beyond these original portraits, you can even talk with them.

Start or join a discussion on DreamBlog

Mydream Smile the world allows you to know the dreams of consumers to adapt your technologies, innovations and communication to their true needs and desires. Create and animate your DreamBlogs to share your values, innovations or ask the Mydream Smile the world community about their expectations, their vision of the future, the values that affect them and create together a new sustainable alchemy.

Share your experience on DreamStory

Dreams are made to be lived and shared.

Share your experience and motivation as a DreamAngel by posting a message, photo or video on DreamStory, so that the whole community can share in the joy of the ActiveDreamers whose dreams you have made come true.



Making dreams come true

Make a dream come true

The dreams you make come true are shown on DreamWall and on your public page and are sent to the whole community.

The top 10 DreamAngels  posted on the homepage of Mydream Smile the world.

Become your customers' DreamAngel :

Your customers expect a lot from you in terms of products, campaigns and response to their needs.  By donating a service or a product you can become directly involved in their lives and they with your brand. Making a dream come true will also foster a lasting relationship and increase your social capital.

As a DreamAngel you will be able to send a personal message to your ActiveDreamer.  This will be viewed by the whole Mydream Smile the world community and they can comment on it, "like" it, and follow you on your public page and your company website.

All your DreamAngel campaigns will be posted on DreamWall.

Enabling people to live their dreams through Mydream Smile the world builds an emotional bond between your brand and your customers.

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You want to become a DreamAngel but don't have time to get involved directly. Mydream Smile the world shows you the way in a couple of clicks : SmartDream.



Hosting a DreamEvent

DreamEvents is under construction. Just send us your DreamEvents and we will post it as soon as possible

Host a free DreamEvent

Smile the world by offering surprise gifts, private invitations or prize-winning competitions.

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Offering DreamDeals

DreamDeals is under construction. Just send us your DreamDeals and we'll post it as soon as possible.

Post your special offers through DreamDeals: new product launches, new concept testing, sales and stock reduction.  Creating lasting bonds with your customers increases sales.

DealDream suggestion

Offer the same product or service that you donated to an ActiveDreamer as a competitively priced DreamDeal for the benefit of other members.


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By becoming a DreamPartner you will be making a public commitment to your customers.

Dreams: a new brick of the customer experience

Mydream Smile the world connects all players in the economic and social life through emotion, values and commitment. It is also a human adventure, modern and innovative to share with all generations

You want to publish an advertisement or become a sponsor of Mydream Smile the world ? Contact us to discover our offers.

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Creating a DreamWorkPlace

Sign up to be posted on DreamWorkPlace with a link to your public page and your company website


A successful customer experience also means offering a modern and differentiating experience to its employees. Mydream Smile the world offers a new model to increase the rate of commitment and motivation and allow you to build more modern, sustainable and inspiring links in the business.

Are you interested in creating a new and exciting experience for your employees ? Contact us to find out more about our approach DreamWorkPlace. 

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