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Mydream Smile the world seeks to develop a dynamic fuelled by bringing together ActiveDreamers, who post their dreams, and DreamAngels, who make them come true.  But beyond that, we invite you to share in.a unique, fun-filled and inspiring adventure by creating a community, communicating and staying in touch.  This means sharing dream ideas, telling others about your experiences, taking part in free events and benefitting from special offers.


Staying connected

To benefit from all the advantages Mydream Smile the world has to offer, all you have to do is open an account. It's free and only takes 1 minute.

Start the adventure

Open an account and access DreamBoard

DreamBoard is everything the name implies: your private page to keep you up to date and stay in touch, receive personal news, and manage your actions and public page.

Create your own community of DreamFriends

Your private page allows you to create your own community of DreamFriends and stay in touch them to chat, exchange, react, comment, help them make their dreams come true, and be a part of our overarching ambition to smile the world.

Create and keep up to date with news through (DreamNews)
Dreams are living, dynamic things.  All over the world fun and moving ideas, projects, and initiatives are springing up, providing new and original solutions or simply causing us to reflect or feel good.  In a click DreamNews lets you read, share and comment on what's happening, sparking an exchange or just a remark.

Discover amazing personalities on DreamPeople

Mydream Smile the world will allow you to discover amazing personalities who will tell you about their atypical journey, their dreams and their actions for a more sustainable or more solidary world. And beyond these original portraits, you can even talk with them.

Start or join a discussion on DreamBlog

The DreamBlog page is where you can start a discussion or join an already existing one.  It's the forum for sharing your passions, dreams and all the things you hold dear, inspiring action and getting things moving.

Share your experience on DreamStory

Dreams are made to be lived and shared.

Share your experience and motivation as a DreamAngel by posting a message, photo or video on DreamStory, so that the whole community can share in the joy of the ActiveDreamers whose dreams you have made come true.



Making dreams come true

Post a dream: with Mydream Smile the world it's easy and free.

Post your dreams

Are you involved in a social action or solidarity project ?
Enhance the visibility of your project by publicizing it and increase its chances of success.
Once approved, your dream will be posted on DreamWall for a period of deux monthes renewable. One or a number of DreamAngels can contribute to making it come true.

Types of dream

Making dreams come true

Your commitment and convictions can also make dreams come true.

With Mydream Smile the world it's easy, modern, and innovative and within your grasp.

See how you too can make dreams come true and smile the world.

Dream solutions




Taking part in DreamEvents

DreamEvents is under construction. You're in a hurry to enjoy it ?
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First come, first served !

 private invitation, a surprise gift, a prize-winning competition – who hasn't dreamed of being indulged by their favorite brands?  The sponsors at Mydream Smile the world are just waiting to surprise you.

DreamEvents are only available for a limited time and restricted to first-comers, so make sure you're among the first to sign up.

Become DreamAngel

If you have a special talent or skill, why not share it with the Mydream Smile the world community.



Benefitting from DreamDeals

DreamDeals in under construction. You are in a hurry to enjoy it ?
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Dive into your dreams and indulge yourself with DreamDeals.  Benefit from special offers from your favorite brands: new product launches, new concept testing, sales and stock reduction.

Your favorite brands are buying into the dream by offering you the best at the best prices.