You want to become a DreamAngel but don't have the time to get involved directly.  Let Mydream Smile the world look after your donation for you. In a few simple clicks you can make a donation via SmartDream for a single dream or we will distribute it over a number of dreams according to your wishes, if you have made them known.

We shall send you a detailed account of the dreams you have helped come true through Mydream Smile the worldWe'll also post them on DreamWall, on your private and public pages and add your name to the DreamAngel ranking.

The beauty of SmartDream is its transparency.  You know exactly who benefits from your donation and how.

And, over and above the pleasure of giving, you know for sure that your donation will change someone's life.  We have set up a special space called DreamStory, where ActiveDreamers and DreamAngels come together to share their motivations and exchange happy experiences with the help of photos and videos.

Mydream Smile the world takes the act of sponsoring to a different level. Through inspired and moving but also concrete actions we enable you to transform lives and make the world a kinder, fairer and happier place where people can live in harmony, living out their dreams in an innovative, collaborative way.

For your donations of over €500 select SmartDream


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