Code of ethics

Mydream Smile the world is a platform for self-expression, action and commitment, on which to build lasting bonds, moving from the desire for a better world to a dynamic, collaborative and powerful reality which is both modern and innovative.

It is based on values and respect between the members.

It is governed by a code of ethics whose aim is to regulate the behavior of its members in keeping with the spirit of Mydream Smile the world.


I undertake to use my real identity and details when communicating and posting on Mydream Smile the world.


I shall not post anything of a violent or pornographic nature. I shall not make statements inciting hatred or that are insulting or hurtful or aimed to harass or intimidate, and that do not comply with the rules of good conduct. I shall not encourage attitudes or projects that are malicious, discriminatory or unlawful.


I shall abstain from posting or making comments of a violent or hurtful nature and from all value judgments about other members or their posts. I shall at all times be helpful and constructive in my interaction with the community.


I shall not post or make comments that promote a particular political, societal or religious persuasion, nor shall promote dangerous theories or products which are unlawful or against the spirit of the law. I shall not promote adult dating sites or any other adult products or services.


I shall not carry out any unauthorized commercial activity and shall not offer to fulfill dreams in return for payment. I shall not commit to help a member of the community if I am not in a position to honor my commitment, nor shall I offer something that does not match the ActiveDreamer's description of their dream.                                                                                                                            


I guarantee the probity of my posts and the sincerity of my dreams, and I shall vouch for the fact that my dream came true by posting my experience on DreamStory, along with a photo or video.


I shall not take the contributions of the DreamAngels for granted and shall always thank those who have helped me live my dream.  I shall share my sensations and emotions when the community comes together to make my dream come true.


When I promise to help an ActiveDreamer live their dream, I shall honor my promise by carrying it out.



I shall contribute to monitoring the Mydream Smile the world site by pointing out any behavior that is not in accordance with the code of ethics.


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