General terms and conditions


The Site proposes a total experience built around dreams, emotions and initiatives to make the world a more inspiring place.  The Editor acts as intermediary between the person who has a dream and the community that is capable of making the dream come true.

The Editor provides space for the User to create Content and post it and for other Users to see the User's Content.

The User is not permitted to :

- collect and store data with a view to using the Service as a database
- manipulate the Service in such a way as to conceal the origin of the Content that has been transferred via the Service
- include hyperlinks to other sites that are unlawful or infringe regulations, including the current Terms
- send messages containing personal details or links to information in breach of the current Terms.

Users are informed that any message sent by a User is liable to editorial control once posted.

Messages appear on line immediately, they are therefore subject to moderation once and they have been posted.  This means that the Users must adhere to a number of fundamental rules which are set out in the Code of Ethics.

The Editor reserves the right to refuse or withdraw Content, before or after posting, deemed to be in breach of the current Terms and/or to suspend the User's access to the Service without notice and without being liable to any damage or compensation claimed by the User or a third party.

The Users are reminded that the Editor is under no circumstances responsible for the consequences resulting from the modification or loss of data on the Service.

The Editor will not accept any claims for payment in return for a User's Content.


2.1. Creating a community of DreamFriends

The Site enables the Users to contact and remain connected with their communities.  Any User may send a DreamFriend request to another User.  The latter has right to accept the request or refuse it.  If accepted, Users with DreamFriend status are able to exchange messages and receive notification about each other's activity on the Site, the only exception being private messages sent to the DreamWall of a User who has accepted a DreamFriend request.  All other activities (comments, likes, and posts of any kind) are made known to the other Users by e-mail or notification.

2.2. Publishing a dream

In order to post a dream, the User (known as an ActiveDreamer) must fill out a form setting out the dream.  Posting is free of charge.  A photo illustrating the dream must be attached to make the post more visible and a URL link or video is allowed to make it more attractive.  It is the sole responsibility of the User to ascertain the rights to the photos, videos, URL links, features and settings used in the posting of a dream.  The Content of the dream may not be modified once posted.  The dream will remain posted for 60 days (2 months).  The User's dream must not infringe the Code of Ethics of the Site and the fulfilling of the dream must be carried out in accordance with current laws and regulations.  Any user who posts a dream is responsible for the probity and reality of the dream.  In order to guard against the posting of unfounded dreams designed to extract donations from those members (known as DreamAngels) who undertake to fulfill them, the Site requires that the Users post a report of their dream come true, backed up by a photo or video on DreamStory.  Any User whose dream has been fulfilled via the Site and who does not post a report on DreamStory will, after sufficient warning, be excluded from the Site's community.

As fulfilling a dream depends on the goodwill, generosity and support of the community, the Site recommends that the utmost courtesy be exercised between ActiveDreamer and AreamAngel and encourages the ActiveDreamer whose dream has come true to post a public or private message of thanks addressed to the DreamAngel(s).

The ActiveDreamer may choose a dream that falls into one or all of four categories of contribution: "a helping hand or skill", "an introduction or invitation", "a gift or favor", and "a donation".  If "a helping hand or skill" and/or "an introduction or invitation" are accepted, this precludes any financial contribution.  If the ActiveDreamer chooses "a gift or favor" and/or" a donation" or "all contributions", an estimation of the sum necessary to fulfill the dream must be posted.  This evaluation is the sole responsibility of the ActiveDreamer and the Site cannot be held responsible in the event of an erroneous evaluation.

Once a dream is posted it can be liked or commented on by any User.  The comments posted by the Users are their sole responsibility and must conform to the Code of Ethics.  A dream that has been posted may be transferred by the Site or a User to a member from outside the community who is deemed capable of fulfilling the dream.

2.3. Fulfilling a dream

Mydream Smile the world acts as an intermediary for bringing together a person who has a dream with a person capable of fulfilling the dream and cannot be held responsible for dreams that are posted by ActiveDreamers that are not fulfilled.  Similarly, it is not the role of the Site to intervene in the fulfillment of a dream (except where validation is required between the DreamAngel, ActiveDreamer and the Site) and it cannot be held responsible if the fulfillment is disrupted in anyway.

2.3.1. Fulfilling a dream by one or several DreamAngels

A dream can be fulfilled by a single or several DreamAngels on the crowdfunding principle.  The DreamAngel who offers to fulfill a dream must do so by adhering to the Terms set out on the form provided by Mydream Smile the world. A DreamAngel may post a public or private message addressed to the ActiveDreamer at the same time as making a contribution.  Once the DreamAngel has undertaken to fulfill a dream by filling out and validating the relevant form, the undertaking is irrevocable.  The Site cannot be held responsible for a DreamAngel's retraction and such behavior must be reported.  In the event of numerous retractions, once examined by the Site, the account of the DreamAngel in question may be shut down.

When a DreamAngel offers to fulfill the dream of an ActiveDreamer, the latter must validate the offer and state whether the offer fulfills the dream wholly or only partially.  It is recommends that the ActiveDreamer send a message to the DreamAngel in question.  This message will remain private if the DreamAngel's offer is refused but will be published if accepted.

A dream can be fulfilled through "a helping hand or skill", "an introduction or invitation", "a gift or favor", and "a donation".

If a dream comes true through "a helping hand or skill", "an introduction or invitation", or "a gift or favor", the Site will put the ActiveDreamer and the DreamAngels in contact so that they can take concrete measures towards fulfilling the dream.

If the dream comes true through a donation from one or more DreamAngels, the latter will make the relevant payment to the Site via bank card or PayPal.

If the ActiveDreamer accepts the donation, identification and bank details must be provided to enable the Site to transfer the sum, minus the 10% operating costs, to the ActiveDreamer's bank account.  If the ActiveDreamer refuses the donation, the sum will be refunded to the DreamAngel(s) in question, minus the 10% operating costs withheld by the Editor.

If one or several DreamAngels undertake to fulfill the ActiveDreamer's in its entirety, it will be removed from "Dreams in progress" and posted on "Dreams come true" on DreamWall.  The Site will put the ActiveDreamer and the DreamAngel(s) in e-mail contact, so that they can organize between themselves how to fulfill the dream.  An e-mail and a notification announcing the fulfillment of the dream will be sent to all the Users.  A DreamAngel can choose to remain anonymous, in which case the DreamAngel's name will not appear.  The dreams fulfilled by the DreamAngels will appear on their public pages unless they have expressed the wish to remain anonymous.  A table showing the most active DreamAngels will be shown on the homepage, accessible to all.

If the ActiveDreamer accepts an offer and the dream is partially fulfilled, it will remain on "Dreams in progress" on DreamWall and the contribution that has been accepted will also be posted to encourage other DreamAngels to contribute.  If the expiry date is reached and the dream is only partially fulfilled, it will remain for another 60 days in order to maximize its chances of success.  If, after the second period of 60 days, the dream has not been wholly fulfilled, the offers from the DreamAngel(s) will be canceled and, if a donation has been sent, it will be refunded, minus 10% operating costs withheld by the Editor.

The Site makes every effort to enable any member to become a DreamAngel in the quickest, easiest and most flexible way.  DreamAngels are therefore given the option of contributing to dreams by donating to the DreamBox or handing over management of a campaign to the Editor via SmartDream.

2.3.1. Fulfilling a dream by donating to the DreamBox

Users may send a donation of as little as €1 by filling out the DreamBox form, from which 10% operating costs are withheld by the editor.  The money donated to the DreamBox will be used to fulfill the dreams posted on the DreamWall.  The DreamBox donations will distributed over a number of dreams, chosen collectively and anonymously by the Ethics Committee but without reference to a particular DreamAngel.  The donor DreamAngels will be mentioned as such on their public pages without reference to the sum they have donated.  The donations contained in the DreamBox will be used to fulfill one or several dreams on a quarterly basis, depending on the sum and the decision of the Ethics Committee.

The Users of the Site accept that the decisions of the Ethics Committee in respect of the Dreambox and the SmartDream campaigns are final.

2.3.3. Fufilling dreams through a SmartDream campaign

SmartDream is a simplified procedure whereby the decision to fulfill one or several dreams is handed over to the Editor.  Donations of €500 (five hundred Euros) upwards are made via a SmartDream campaign for which the DreamAngel fills out a form, specifying the amount of the donation and their selection criteria.  The Editor then chooses which dream or dreams from among those posted on DreamWall to fulfill in line with the DreamAngel's specifications.  The DreamAngel may choose to remain anonymous.

2.4. Posting DreamNews

DreamNews is a platform for sharing news and initiatives for making the world a better place.  Any User may post on DreamNews.  Content and items such as photos, videos and URL links are the sole responsibility of the User who must ensure that copyright is adhered to.

2.5. Posting a DreamStory

An ActiveDreamer whose dream is fulfilled undertakes to post a DreamStory illustrated by a photo, and an optional video link, so that the whole community can share in the experience. It will also be posted on the User's public page and all the Users will be notified.

The DreamAngels who have made a dream come true may also post a DreamStory explaining what motivated them and what they experienced in doing so.

2.6. Creating a DreamBlog

Users may set up their own DreamBlog to start a discussion on a theme connected with their dreams or on how to make the world a better place.  It will be published on the DreamBlog page and any User may join to exchange experiences, share advice and ask questions.  Users who have set up a DreamBlog are responsible for maintaining it and replying to the comments and questions of other Users. They may close it at any time and it will receive no further posting, but the DreamBlog and all postings prior to closure will remain on the page.

2.7. Comments and conversations

Any User may comment on any other User's postings.  When posting, the User undertakes:
- not to use the comment boxes for conducting a survey, competition, sale or any similar operation, not to send a chain letter, e-mail, spam, advert or promotional offer for profit or non-profit puposes
- not to abuse, harass, threaten or make defamatory, obscene or racist comments or those violating the rights of other Users (especially rights relating to privacy)
- not to infringe the rules of good conduct as set out in the Code of Ethics.


3.1. Transaction costs

The Site is operated on a cost-free basis.  Registration and posting is free of charge.  The Editor withholds 10% on the any financial transaction that takes place on the Site.  This applies to the donations made by DreamAngels to make dreams come true, donations made to the DreamBox and donations contributed to SmartDream campaigns where DreamAngels subcontract fulfilling dreams to the Editor.

3.2. Donations

To maintain the activity of the Site and to ensure it remains cost-free, Users may make a donation to the Editor under the heading "I support Mydream Smile the world".

3.3. Advertising

In order to ensure it remains const-free, the Site publishes advertising and other commercial campaigns or sponsoring.

3.4. Partners and sponsors

Brands and sponsors are invited to become DreamPartners of the Site.


The information contained on the Site has been set out in the clearest possible way and is updated periodically, but inaccuracies and omissions may occur.

The Users use the Services of the Site in its current state at their own risk, without guarantee of quality, suitability regarding particular use or security, in the knowledge that the Editor cannot control or oversee Users' actions and cannot be held responsible for any of these actions that are offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illicit, shocking, defamatory or contrary to the spirit and ethics of the Site.

The Editor is not responsible for the actions, Content, information or data published on the Site by a User or a third party.

Any Content downloaded by Users is at their own risk and their sole responsibility.  The Editor cannot be held responsible for any damage to the computer of a User or any loss of data resulting from downloading Content from the Site.


The legal notices can be consulted here.


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