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From 22/05 to 16/06
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Movin'On is the world sustainable mobility summit which will be held in Montreal from June 13th to 15th. This international event offers an inspiring and collaborative experience, based on its goal of providing sustainable, connected and smart urban mobility to all.

Today's citizen lies at the heart of the Open Lab Challenge Bibendum's thinking and this is why Michelin, the organizers of Movin'On, have partnered with Mydream Smile the world to allow you to express your dreams for future mobility and become a player in turning them into reality.

On foot or on wheels, on the ground, in the air or on the sea; walking, running, jumping or flying, alone or with others, today or tomorrow – give your imagination free rein and share with us what mobility means to you.  Whether it's utopic or realistic, at the dream stage or a concrete project, tell us about the idea, product, service or technology of your dreams to help you keep moving.

Help build the Mobility DreamWall by posting your dreams. One of them will then be selected by the Open Lab Challenge Bibendum, the Michelin Group's mobility think and do tank, giving one of you the chance to contribute in shaping the future of mobility. By taking part in this collaborative experience you will be building a world inspired by your dreams and releasing the energy and emotion needed to turn today's vision of a mobile world into tomorrow's reality.

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